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Thesis Statement: Since marijuana is not a hard narcotic, it should be designated a legal sub- stance in this country. 1. Those who oppose the legalization of marijuana cite its harmful effects as a primary reason. 2. Anti-prohibitionists contend that since the effects of marijuana are not more serious than those of cigarettes, caffeine, and alcohol, the substance should be regulated rather than outlawed. 3. Proponents of legalization tout the medicinal benefits for cancer patients, glaucoma patients, and people suffering from some neurological disorders. 4. Opponents claim the drug is harmful. 5. Opponents consider criminalization to be the best deterrent...

6. Marijuana should be considered one of our certain inalienable rights.

7. Prohibitionists claim that the decline in casual drug use is related to stricter drug laws.

8. Anti-prohibitionists believe that legalizing marijuana would serve the war on drugs.

9. The legalization of marijuana would favorably impact the economy.

Conclusion: A closer look at legalizing marijuana will show that the most detrimental effect would be to the political futures of our legislatures.

Legislators recognize that their careers are on the line. As long as marijuana remains illegal, politicians can blame it for everything from high crime rates to homelessness

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