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Male and Female Baldness
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Baldness is the partial or total absence to; hair in the scalp. Some thinning of the scalp hair take place as a normal part of the process of aging. However, many types of abnormal hair loss also occur. Some kinds of baldness involve only a thinning of the hakr from one small area of the scalp. But in the most common type, called male pattern baldness, a man loses much or all of the hair over the top of the head. A smaller number of women have a comdition known as female pattern baldness, which involves thinning of the hair...
wearing, a technique in which the sides of a hairpiece are served into the remaining hair. In a process called hair tranplanting, a doctor surgically, removes plugs of the scalp that contain growing hair. The plugs are then transplanted to the bald areas. In addition, clinical trials have ahown that treatment with a special drug stimulates hair growth in some individuals with baldness. This drug, which has the trade name ^Rogaine^, was approved in 1988 by the Food and Drug Administration FDA for treatment of baldness. It must be applied to the scalp twice daily to maintain hair growth.

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