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On Silent Valley
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Silent Valley was actually the name adopted by the British when they first saw the peculiar nature related to this beautiful valley surrounded by mountain ranges. The thing they noticed was the silence in the forests in the valley. Unlike what is found in the other forests of Kerala where crickets hum throughout the day and become more active as the night approaches, it was noticed that here there was no humming even during the night. The silence becomes eerily loud as we approach the depths of the forest. The entire valley was declared a national preserved area by the...
protection. But it is a common known fact that the reason for the non-proportional development of nearby cities like Mannarakkadu etc, is mostly because of money earned by such illegal activities.

Another great feature in this park is the presence of a guest house inside the park. This combined with the several forest guard quarters littered throughout, makes the park a fantastic destination for wild trekking enthusiasts. There is nothing like a warm bed awaiting you after a long trek through the heart of such lush evergreen forests and a dip in the chilled waters of the river Kunti afterwards.

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