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50th Anniversary of Rock "n" Roll
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1954 has been, quite arbitrarily, chosen as the year Rock "n" Roll found it"s most important voice. Therefore, taking a pragmatic view, 2004 is the 50th Anniversary of Rock "n" Roll! And the singer chosen to epitomise the event is the one and only, Elvis Presley 1935-1977. Arguably the most versatile vocalist ever to enter a recording studio. His amazing versions of "That"s All right Mama", and, "Blue Moon of Kentucky" on the Sun label, is the seminal single, which launched a career so meteoric we are still to this day feeling and hearing it"s repercussions. The later RCA singles...
Gospel, Rhythm and Blues, you name it, Elvis sang it. His newly released recordings have proved beyond a doubt Elvis Presley"s voice has the power to win over new generations of discerning listeners. Hopefully, the 50 Anniversary of Rock "n" Roll, to be celebrated in Memphis Tennessee, will include all the pioneers, black and white, who strove to free popular music from the constraints of the so-called elite. The likes of Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bill Haley, and Buddy Holly, come to mind along with all the other, no less important, names - far to many to include here.
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