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Giuseppe Verdi
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Verdi, Giuseppe 1813-1901, was an Italian operatic composer. He was raised as a duchy. He was born on October 10, 1813, in Roncole. Verdi first studied music in the town of Busseto. In 1832 Verdi was rejected to study with the Milan Conservatory because of his age. He became the pupil of composer Vincenzo Lavigna. Then returned to Busseto in 1833 as conductor. At the age of 25 Verdi again went to Milan. His first opera, Oberto, was produced at La Scala with some success in 1839. His next work, the comic opera Un giorno di regno King for a...
A?â?»da 1871the Requiem Mass in memory of the Italian novelist Alessandro Manzoni was his most admired workof the time. Verdi"s other non operatic compositions include cantata Into delle nazioni Hymn of the Nations, 1862 and the String Quartet in E minor 1873.In his 70s, Verdi produced his greatest piece Otello 1887. This was followed by Verdi"s last opera, Falstaff 1893. Verdi had died January 15,1901.Verdi died on January 27, 1901, in Milan. Verdi"s works are most noted for their intensity of spirituality and height of musical emotion. His operas are among those most frequently produced in the world today.
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