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Hard Rock Hallelujah
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The song "hard rock Hallelujah" is a song which tries to correct injustice done in the world, especially in the religious sector. The leading point is that the religious leaders, who supposed to guide the moral worlds, led the world into a horrible atmosphere of lies. The rising question from the song is "if the religious leaders felt in their mission- who is to accomplish is?"- The answer is in the body of the texts: "Rock "n roll angels brings thyn Hard Rock Hallelujah". In the Modern world, many rock and roll singers and bands try to do some justice...
who play cards are nothing but pathetic clowns, but unfortunately they will become kings in this pathetic world. The second meaning is a consolation prophecy: the ones which are considered to be clowns strange rock singers with strange long hair will be the kings in the new world they want to make.

The song generally is an induction song. It calls people to wake up from the complacence they stay and start working for a good place to live in- before the world will be braked down by the people who just can not sea what are they doing.

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