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Traditional music vs International music
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Music is one thing , in this world , which nobody hates. A person may not like to hear music always, but he will definitely not hate music. This is the reason, there are many different types of music in the world today. Music can be played in many ways, one can play with strings, sticks, or just a humming. In olden days music has a very good medicinal importance. A pregnant woman , who is in contractions is relieved of pain with a type of eases a person out of stress or anger or frustration. Music is also...
world pub culture has become mundane,in pub all young hearted people like to dance to the glory with some fast and rock music, where its not possible with slow or silent music.

In conclusion, it is true that internatinal music is now in hearts of most of the young people all over the world , and traditional music of ones country is not given much importance. As i said music is music let it be international or traditional and all efforts should be made to preserve ones own traditional music as well, as old saying goes "old is gold"

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