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Truth and Belief
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James is a believer in the pragmatic theory of truth. He draws a relationship between the good and the true. The true is not an separate entity from good, but is one of the species of good. Truth is defined as the "name of whatever proves itself to be good in a way of belief..."p298. He continues in explaining truth as having a "good" property because of definite assignable reasons. He uses a situation of having no good in true ideas, where the knowledge is worthless and the only useful ones are the false ideas. This situation leads to the...
that we believe in. These truths are also helpful in life"s practical struggles, as certain food is good for our bodies.

Therefore the connection between good and truth is one in which truth is a type of goodness. Meaning truth and good coordinate with each other. The truth are things such as beliefs which are based upon if they are good and meaningful to a person. Also truths which are helpful to us are considered as a meaningful idea.

Thus, the truth is the combination of these two concepts and involves if these ideas have goodness in there meaning.

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