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Defining Religion
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From the outset, defining religion seems a rather paradoxical task to attempt. By doing so, we make broad assumptions and make statements about what is and isn't so. We need to do this to try and understand something which is, for the most part, a somewhat intangible concept. By attempting to define religion, we place it within our realm of conceptions. However, once we have formulated these definitions, we then cannot help but find that we have put in place boundaries which are not necessarily cohesive across the breadth, depth and the unexplainable of religion. Despite the task being...
different dimensions, they all appear to have equal weighting. To conclude, perhaps the most important aspect of attempting to define religion is the awareness that it is a problematic task and that there are no easy answers. It is important when looking at a definition to understand the context in which it has been formulated, and to recognise that this has influenced the outcome. Rather than trying to express the inexpressible, definitions should be formulated and analysed carefully and an open mind always kept. For each individual, the most important definition is the one that exists inside their own self.
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