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To skid means to slide or slip without revolving over a surface, because of loss of traction. Skidding caused over 24,000 accidents in 2001. Out of these 24,000, about 200 caused death, 7,000 caused personal injury, and 17,000 caused property damage. Applying the brakes or accelerator too hard, spinning the wheels, and going around a curve too fast can all cause you to start skidding? Other factors that contribute to skidding include how well your vehicle holds the road, traction what makes the car "stick" to the roadway, road surface - Is the road asphalt or concrete? Rough or smooth?...
equipped. If you don't have anti-lock brakes, consider getting it. The anti-lock braking system is a computer-controlled system that pumps your brakes. It has sensors that control braking on each wheel separately. It allows your tires to continue rotating even when there's not very much friction. It was made to prevent skidding and locking wheels even in bad conditions. Even if you slam on your brakes, the anti-lock brakes will keep you going straight while you steer around other obstacles. If for some reason the anti-lock brakes ever fail, you'll still have your normal brakes, so you're better protected.
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