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I am speaking to you today not as a Black Man, not as a Californian close to the city of Berkeley, and not even as a American. I am speaking to you today just as a human being and I hope that you will assume the same shape and form while reading my brief essay. First let me begin by addressing the situation directly with the Hurricane that has struck the gulf coast of LA, Miss, and AL. To even begin to assume that this was handled even remotely professional or on time is a far exageration of the truth...
racist. I understand people may judge me by my clothes, or haircut, so I prove them wrong immediately after I open my mouth.

The news media have transformed our citizens into believing that racism is a lie that it no longer exsists. That it"s a topic people use to get out of problems that they created for themselves. And it"s true, we do need police and we do need prisons because there IS a such thing as a bad person in every race. But racism does still exsist, look around you after reading this, and think about it, honestly.......................

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