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Should the Govt. Interfere in an Economy of A Country?
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Have you ever been on a baseball team? Or any other kind of organization? Then you must know that you need to work and cooperate with a number of other people in order to be successful. More importantly though, there is a coach, an instructor, a boss. This head honcho organizes all aspects of your team and keeps order. The head of your organization tells what you are going to learn, how to use and acquire the talent, and they will inform you what the target of your new skill is. Without a coach there is chaos and misunderstandings on...
are no monopolies allowed, no supply and demand wheel affects the economy, good values of equality and sharing are taught, and a central economy looks ahead at the "big picture" and makes sure that there is a balance in society. Even though I have grown up in a mixed economy, I feel that a controlled economy suits everyone"s needs nicely and there is a sense of order involved. Baseball teams have always needed coaches to help in the organization process; just because things are changing very quickly doesn"t mean that the image of a boss will ever be lost.
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