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Concepts in Growth and development
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Growth: Human begins experience growth when they increase physical size or mass. Essentially, growth refers to the step-by-step process of getting bigger, which includes their height and weight gain. Growth is a feature of a number of stages in the human life span. The extent to which people grow s thought to be influenced by a range of biological and social factors. Development: This is a term that is used to refer to changes in the complexity, sophistication and the use of human capability. Physical, intellectual, emotional and social changes that occur over time which result in the...
also important to model courtesy, respect, and good listening skills in all your interactions.

By practicing good, basic communication skills with toddlers and two-year-olds, you promote children"s language development, self-esteem, and enhance their communication skills. Additionally, through communication, you can enter the world of the young child where everything is new, exciting, and worth exploration.

Factors which affect the development of language are:

 Parents

 Toys from Early learning centres which encourage the child to repeat what the toy has said.

 Nursery Rhyme tapes and singing

 Watching television

 Listen

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