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Describe and Discuss Two Contributions Either Freud or Rogers Has Made to the Development of Psychology
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Sigmund Freud 1856 - 1939 born in Austria. Freud's concepts and ideas have been a big influence in psychology lending themselves to topical debates, discussions and arguments. His work has been analysed, frowned upon and studied to various degrees by psychologists and philosophers all over the world. Other great psychologists have tried to challenge his work while others have tried to extend his ideas. Two major contributions Freud made to the development of psychology include the psychosexual theory which looks at the development of personality, also the contribution towards theory on structure of the mind. Both developments fit into...
psychoanalysis Cardwell, Wadeley and Murphy 2000. Ov og Freud's theory of psychodynamic development has been very influential and has inspired other psychodynamic theorists. The strength of his theories is that it emphasises the importance of biological and environmental forces in shaping personality. Despite Freud's theories being criticised and analysed, its important to understand the significant contribution and effect it has had towards the development of psychology. Researchers today demonstrate that links have been established and solid advancements were made from Freud's psychosexual theory and theory of the structure of mind. Freudian ideas have strange ways of making complete sense.
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