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Good stress vs Bad stress
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What thoughts come to mind when you hear the word stress? Is stress running your life? How do you react to it? Stress is a part of everyones life. It is a response of the body to a variety of internal and external stimuli. External triggers may include a job change, a move to a new city, marriage, death of a loved one, or an illness in your family. Happy as well as sad events can create stress. Internal stimuli may include physical or mental discomfort. Personality traits, such as a need to strive for perfection or to please others,...
learn more from the extra effort. So positive stress is defined as functional stress when it enhances our individual or group performance.

On the other hand, the body does not distinguish between negative and positive stress: both excitement and anxiety strain the bodys resources and depress the immune system. Stress varies in intensity and duration. Stress that lasts a short period of time can rapidly motivate us. However, a stressor that lasts too long, happens too often, or is too strong may bring us physical, behavioral, and psychological problems. Then it becomes negative stress or dysfunctional stress.

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