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Social Constructs Related to Gender
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Chodorow takes on a psychoanalytic perspective in which the sex typing is constructed from early infancy by unconscious processes through social-relational experiences (Chodorow pg44). According to her theory, an infant is in a state of "dependence" in which identification is given to the primary caregiver, often the mother. Evidence has cited that mothers identify more with daughters than their sons, causing the mother to emphasize the boy's masculinity through separation and autonomy, allowing daughters to differentiate less. At age three, where the conception of the child's gender is fully established, the father becomes more important in the child's primary...
involves agentic aspects such as self-assertion and self-extension while being maintained by the communion aspects of joint welfare and mutuality. For women, integration of their communion-type personalities must be met with self-expression and self-exploration. Chodorow's psychoanalytic approach in the attempt to define how sex-typing occurs in different cultures, a synthesis of all three authors is needed in order to construct an effective method of the process. More specifically, Block and Chodorow should have addressed more heavily the effects cognitive schemas place on the development of sex-typing. Both authors do not address the conflicts that exist between parental and peer approval

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