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RS Situation Ethics
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Rs Situation Ethics; Explain the key features of situation ethics. Andrea Panteli Situation Ethics is an ethical system, particularly significant in Protestant Christianity, but dating back to the early 1960's era, it holds that love is the only moral principle, and that all our actions should be judged by it. Joseph Fletcher believed that within situation ethics there might come a time you have to go against your religious beliefs just to accomplish the most loving thing; this shows situation ethics to be a theological theory as it's all about the end result. The...
one of the problems with them is that as all situations are different, there will hardly ever be a time where all of these can link well without any discrepancies.

In conclusion situation ethics believe individuals should have complete control over their own moral cause, and should be able to distinguish the most loving thing in any situation, they should also be willing to be self sacrificial, but after considering everything fletchers ideas just wouldn't work, as without any kind of law structure everything would be chaos and that is why nothing really came out of Fletchers theory.

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