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Sharing Values
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My values have always been to keep it real by staying true to one"s self and people around me. I also practice eye for an eye: tooth for a tooth, and has always been a respecter of my elders. Ever since the day I was born I was brought up in church. I was taught the golden rule and was also taught to love my neighbor as my-self. I haven"t seen the passions and believe you shouldn"t have to go to the theaters to reverence the Lord. Now does it make people appreciate the gospel yes, but it shouldn"t...
side and neither my life.

Values are very important to most of us. Some of us don"t follow values but live our life by the code of the street. Most of us have not been on the street and lack street values "snitches" is what we refer to you as. Well in closing I grew up in church and that"s where most of my values came from. When I was on the street I was taught put values aside and do what ever it takes to survive. And straight from the sources mouth you learned my values.

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