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The Shallows: A Rhetorical Analysis
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The Shallows Rhetorical Analysis In the book "The Shallows" Nicholas Carr develops his argument just as an architect would construct a building. The foundation is laid then in tedious and eloquent manner he begins his argument that defines the book. Shedding light upon the dangers our society may encounter through the internet, Carr uses personal anecdotes, parallels, ethic and reason based arguments, and disguises himself as an authoritative figure to execute a view changing book. Exerting personal anecdotes on the way the internet has changed him; Carr begins his book in a subtle manner. He...
want to introduce opinions to you, he wants to back them up with other opinions that support his, so in your aspect it seems as if this is true. Affecting the subconscious, he delivers the supporting opinions that give readers the assurance what he is saying must be true.

Carr, focused intently on, his subject, spreading his opinion, and warning us of our path to fulfilling "Kubrik's dark prophecy", ends his book on a vivid solution, when doing something; concentrate on being fully present in the activity even if it means putting up the cell phone or laptop.

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