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Football and Rugby - Compare and Contrast
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When someone mentions physical sports, the most physical that come to mind are football and rugby. Each sport would be called physical because there are big hits and both require physical and mental toughness. Though football and rugby are similar, they are different along the lines of equipment use, rules and players. Equipment use amongst football and rugby players are different. Football players use a helmet, hip pads, thigh pads, a tail pad, shoulder pads, and knee pads to protect players who have a size disadvantage. Also the use of pads and helmet enables a football player to take big...
lack specific design, as far as body type is concerned there is little size variation.

When confronted with the question, "Which sport is more physical football or rugby?", it would be hard to give a good answer. Though in rugby players use a helmet or pads one must put into account the fact that football players are either bigger stronger and/or faster than most rugby players. So basically what it all boils down to is a matter of opinion or experience. Only a person who has played both sports at high levels of competition can give an accurate answer.

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