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School sport should not be compulsory
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I strongly belive that sport at school should not be compulsory for the following reasons: The General assembly of United Nations and the beckration of human rights states: Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to thier children. Therefore schools can not make the decision whether students do physical education or not. If schools were to make physical educationp.e, a optional subject, schools would see better academic results and better sports results because people that want to do sport would be able to concentrate more on sports, and people that do not...
is a lack of teachers. So what is the point of doing p.e with an un-experienced teacher?

According to the education watchdog ofsted, one in five schools continue to lack even adequate sporting facilittes, so what is the point of doing sport with so little space.

My conclusion is let people choose what they do with their body because as stated by John.c Andrews 1999

Children even the youngest ones are human beings. Therefore they are intitled to enjoy fundamental human rights.

The right of the child to have his/her opinions taken into account in all decisions affecting him/her.

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