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Tiger Woods" Impact on Society
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Tiger Woods is certainly known as more than just a great golfer, it is commonly agreed that he has had the greatest impact on golf and society among all other players in the history of the game. His actions off of the course have been just as incredible. During Tiger Woods' childhood, there was still a considerable amount of racism towards minorities. The marriage between Earl and Kultida Woods was always controversial to friends and even family because of the obvious difference in ethnicities. Of course Tiger faced quite some racism himself throughout his childhood and even as a...
enormous fan base. In fact he increases TV ratings by anywhere from 35% to 50% when he is participating in an event. He is acknowledged for a recent sudden interest in golf among young minorities. He is respected for helping to clear the way for black people and other minorities in professional golf. Since he turned professional in 1996, the number of black golf players has doubled. From the day he turned professional, he turned a lot of people's heads. No longer was golf simply a white man's sport. It just happened that the best golf player today is Cablinasian.
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