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Art Budget Cuts
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I'd like to inform you about the great deal of budget cuts happening everyday in our public school systems. One of the hardest hit is in our arts and music departments. The battle over NEA funding and other important foundations that are set up to benefit our youths are being challenged by the government at an alarming rate. Cutbacks in our schools budget force students in these departments to go without necessary supplies that are essential in the learning process. I'd also like to show you why art and music education is essential to our children's learning process, how it...
of the arts and art education.Hanna,p.37" Art and music education is important for all these reasons, the point of art and music isn't to take a students mind off of his or her academics, but to prepare them for adulthood. The government needs to insure these programs in our school, and make sure they get the attention they deserve.

I hope I have explained the importance of funding for the Arts and music programs in our public schools. It is essential to be aware what's going on in our schools. Our children's and countries welfare may depend on it!

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