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Do movies matter anymore?
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Contextualising Contemporary Practice Filmmaking Assignment 2 "Movies don't matter anymore.' Discuss the director Steven Soderbergh's statement in relation to the rise of TV dramas, using the example of True Detective (Cary Joji Fukunaga, 2012) and another series of choice. Word Count: 1475 Eliot Davie K1415325 Steven Soderbergh states that "Movies don't matter any more" but it can be argued either way as to whether or not this statement is true and also to what degree it is true or false. With the recent rise in popularity of TV dramas since 2008, many questions have been asked about the importance, necessity and relativeness of feature length films...
lead to a large number of cinemas closing due to the lack of revenue. Bibliography Ben Child. January 30, 2013. Steven Soderbergh Retires from Film. Available at: Allen St. John. January 13, 2013. HBO's 'True Detective'. Available at: Eric Buchman. January 21, 2015. Do Theatres Still Matter? Available at: Ben Child. January 7, 2013. Steven Soderbergh: Hollywood rejected Liberace film. Available at: Dan Mitchell. September 30, 2013. Was 'Breaking Bad' Really a Financial Hit? Available at: Dennis Lim. January 2, 2001. Having Your Way With Hollywood. Available at: Charles Gant. May 14, 2014. Bad Neighbours loots box office. Available at:
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