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History Of Arabic Music
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History of Arabic Music Arabic music is my favorite musical styling. Although I have come to enjoy classical and contemporary styling as well, Arabic music has almost an innate quality of enjoyment for me. Its songs speak of the life and culture of Arabic countries and its melody is not commonly heard on American radio stations. Its songs tell the story of the Arabic people, people who are similar to Americans but also different in many ways. The songs are a romantic and wonderful inspiration to me while living and studying in America. The tradition of Arabic music has been...
my worries, leave me alone

Meish naaeis ana heer aleil

I"m worried enough about him [her]

Lana areif ar-taah, wana ta-yeih sawaah

Neither can I rest, and I"m lost like a vagabond

Repeat Chorus:

Ya amar ya naseenee

Oh moon, who is forgetting me?

Raseenee alee ghayeib

Take me to the absent one

Nawarlee, wareenee, seikeit el habayeib

Enlighten me, show me the road to the beloved

Waseitak, weiseiya, ya shaheid alaya

I"ve made you promise, you who witnessed

Teikeelu alei beiya

To tell him [her] of my state

Weilee aseito blayaleiya

And what I"ve suffered during my nights.

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