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Islamic Art And Architecture
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Islamic Art And Architecture Islamic art and architecture points to the artistic accomplishments in the lands where Islam was the dominant religion and from the seventh century on. These lands were the Middle East, North Africa, Spain, Anatolia and the Balkans, and central and northern India. All the monuments and artistic objects, which may have been made with different materials and techniques, have a common artistic language. Islamic art was an art created for the setting of every day life. The most notable religious art were the mosque and the minaret. These were made with the purpose of having a...
painting.Judgement In my opinion I think that this work of art does contribute to the history of art. This is because it reflects the typical customs of the past every day life. This makes it easier to understand the facts of that past time. 6 "Laila and Majnun at School", by Bihzad in 1494. 7 Masjid-I Shah in E fah n, Iran "Dome of The Rock" in Jerusalem 8 "Taj Mahal" in India. Ardab l Turkish Carpet Mug made for 16th the tomb- Century mosque of Shash Tahmasp at Ardab l, Iran 9 Suleimanniye Mosque at Istanbul in 1550.
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