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Leda Atomica
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Leda Atomica 24 x 18"- oil on canvas, is a painting by Salvador Dali 1904-1989 who was the top Surrealists of this time. Surrealism explored the subconscious, the dream world, and irrational elements of the psyche in the firm belief that the discoveries to be made from such exploration would be of greater fundamental importance to the human condition than any other form of social analysis. Surrealists like Salvador Dali was very fascinated by the ephemeral state of the mind between sleep and consciousness, dream and reality, sanity and insanity, as one in which the mind functioned purely, unfettered by...
science and psychology to construct a series of personae within which he could create his work, and in the context of which he could manipulate its reception #6 - Salvador Dali. A lot of people refer to Dali as crazy painter or that he has mental problems, but the real truth is, Dali is a genius. Just because he thinks different from everyone else, do not mean he has mental problems. Leda that represents Gala is not only his lover, but yet she is his best and personal follower, that Dali suggests it as "The love of the Gods."
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