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Music For Children
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Music For Children Early is the best time to start children with an enriched musical background. The earlier the child starts to hear and learn about music, the more enriched and fulfilling the child"s experience of music is going to be. This is even more beneficial for talented children. A child cannot receive the full benefit of music and will not learn as much or at all without the first three stages of preparatory audiation. With this in mind, I will now show you how to guide children through these stages. First of all, we need to look at resources....
make the transition into stage four.

In order for children to give meaning to the tonal patterns they are hearing, they need to establish syntax. They begin to do this as they gain familiarity with a variety of tonalities. Only tonal patterns in major and harmonic minor tonalities that move diatonically by scale-wise steps should be sung to children in this stage.

In the classroom, have the children audiate different tonal and rhythm patterns. When doing different rhythm patterns use your arms and legs and move with the music and try to get them to do it with you.

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