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Woman With the Hat by Henri Matisse
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Henri Matisse Woman With the Hat, 1905 Oil on Canvas 31' x 23.5' San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Henri Matisse's Woman with a Hat 1905, is on display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Woman with a Hat is a classic fauve extravaganza of wild color. It is oil on canvas; 31.75 by 35.5 inches. The first thing one notices about the painting is the color, it's everywhere. The painting looks like a splattering of garish color. Green stands out instantly, as it dominates a good deal of the composition. The image of Madam Matisse almost becomes...
of the nose while a thick line of green runs down its length, separating nose from cheek. A smudge of gray-blue appears as a nostril while the whole thing culminates with a drop of yellow on the tip of the nose. The mouth also is not mouth so much as it is color-for-mouth. It appears drawn, with two lines of red and pink. An arc of gray-mauve is painted over the bright red on the left side of the upper lip while a paler pink-mauve is dabbed directly under the gray, over the pink of the lower lip Clark.
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