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Carl Gauss
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Carl Gauss was a man who is known for making a great deal breakthroughs in the wide variety of his work in both mathematics and physics. He is responsible for immeasurable contributions to the fields of number theory, analysis, differential geometry, geodesy, magnetism, astronomy, and optics, as well as many more. The concepts that he himself created have had an immense influence in many areas of the mathematic and scientific world. Carl Gauss was born Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss, on the thirtieth of April, 1777, in Brunswick, Duchy of Brunswick now Germany. Gauss was born into an impoverished family, raised...
His abstract findings have changed the way in which we study our world. In Gauss"s lifetime he did work on a number of concepts for which he never published, because he felt them to be incomplete. Every one of these ideas including complex variable, non-Euclidean geometry, and the mathematical foundations of physics was later discovered by other mathematicians. Although he was not awarded the credit for these particular discoveries, he found his reward with the pursuit of such research, and finding the truth for its own sake. He is a great man and his achievements will not be forgotten.
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