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Juan Gris
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Juan Gris was born in 1887. He was a Spanish born French painter who went to the cubist school. Originally his name was Jose Vittoriano Gonzalez, he was born in Madrid and educated there. He left Madrid in 1906 and went to Paris, making the acquaintance of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso and of the French painter Georges Braque. Gris"s first cubist paintings, generally more calculated than those of Picasso and Braque, appeared in 1912. He spent the next summer in C?â?®ret, France, with Picasso, and while there adopted the use of papier coll?â?®, shapes cut from paper and glued to...
perhaps implicit a yearning for that natural simplicity. Potential for a merger is shown by the rhythmic repetition of curves in the guitar and mountains and in the cloud that begins to enter the room. Before this research of Juan Gris I did not realize what a master he was in his creations. It really introduced me to a new form of art. Juan Gris"s art was different then the other masters I looked at. He uses such originality and perfection in most of his work. This project really opened my eyes to the magnificent world of Juan Gris.
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