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Karl Marx
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Karl Marx was the greatest thinker and philosopher of his time. His views on life and the social structure of his time revolutionized the way in which people think. He created an opportunity for the lower class to rise Above the aristocrats and failed due to the creation of the middle class. Despite this failure, he was still a great political leader and set the Basis of Communism in Russia. His life contributed to the way people think Today, and because of him people are more open to suggestion and are Quicker to create ideas on political issues. Karl Heinrich...
developed in his lung and soon manifested into his death on March 14, 1883.

Although Marx"s influence was not great during his life, after his death his works grew with the strength of the working class. His ideas and theories became known as Marxism, and has been used to shape the ideas of most European and Asian countries. The strength of the Proletariat has been due to the work of Marx. His ideals formed government known as communism. Although he was never a rich man, his knowledge has been rich in importance for the struggle of the working class.

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