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Traits of Adolf Hitler
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"He Failed as a student in classical secondary schools, a situation that contributed to his desire to become an artist. He went to Vienna in 1903. His years there were characterized by melancholy, aimlessness, and racial hatred,"stated by Alan Bullock Allen Bullock 1962, 97. This does not sound like the life of a the future leader of Germany. But what Adolf Hitler lost in scholastics he made up for it and then some in leadership skills. Hitler, having great leadership skills, showed that leadership skills can be more important than brain power. A good education was something that Adolf Hitler...
his coarse. In the fact of all sorts of disasters and disagreeable happenings and necessary measures, he never loses his nerve for a moment,"Allan Bullock 1962, 795 To be a good leader one must understand how to not get off track, or lose his cool for a moment.

Although Hitler may not have had a great education, he did have great leadership skills. All these things that were mentioned are virtues of a good leader. A good speaker, modest, endurance, organizing, preparation, not losing one"s temper, these are traits of a good leader. These are traits of Adolf Hitler.

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