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Aristotle's Ethics
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Before I begin discussing Aristotle"s account of virtue in the second book of the " Ethics", it must be understood that I am pre-supposing a knowledge of the first book of this philosophical work, and Aristotle"s discussion of happiness being the best possible good for man, and his conclusion that the happy, and best possible life is the one of virtue. The next stage is to ask: What constitutes virtue, and what makes an action virtuous or a person, as a whole, virtuous? Aristotle"s argument is a straightforward and plausible one, yet in practice, it seems more complicated, once we...
enough reason and reassurance to make such an effort, and for the rest of our lives. Aristotle does not give us a terrible picture of the un-virtuous life, instead, has trust in our reasonable selves, not to want to be un-virtuous in his sense of the word. In my opinion, his argument is slightly too confident. We are not given enough justification to believe his doctrine will make us happier persons. Even if we are given the justification, they are not enough to make us cringe away from their opposites. Then again, we have yet to be properly "educated" .
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