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Dell Corporation was founded and established by Michael Dell in 1984. Dell is responsible for providing a vast variety of computers and peripherals ranging from individual customers to major corporations. Dell ranks 2nd when it comes to manufacturing personal computers in the United States and 3rd in the world. Dell also has various manufacturing plants throughout the world, making it a powerhouse in the computer sector. Dell has many factors that drive the company forward. One is there ability to provide customers the most newest technology at the lowest prices and providing that product in a faster way than the...
believes in everyone being responsible for their own actions. He believes in saving money by whatever means necessary. If it takes too long to earn a profit, then the project gets pulled.

Dell's very hands on approach have made the company very successful over the years. Besides being conscious to its customer's needs, Dell also focuses on its employees needs as well. Employees want to feel valued and believe that what they have to say matters and will be taken into consideration and Dell adopts that type of work culture into its way of doing business externally and internally.

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