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The Open Source Movement
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Introduction: The world of computing has always been a dynamic one. Computers range from tiny embedded devices in cars and refrigerators to massive super-computers. The nature of change and advancement in this field has made it so that the smallest computing devices used today are more powerful than the largest machines used in the past. Each generational advancement in hardware and software creates new uses for computers and provides users with alternative and often better ways to perform tasks. When personal computers PCs first became popular, there were many companies in the market. These included Apple, IBM, Commodore,...
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I believe that in the long run if the world adopts open source technology we will all be better off. It will add a degree of equality to computing. Free software removes the discrimination against non-wealthy individuals that has existed in the computer field. It will produce higher quality software with less waste, and encourage diversity in digital systems. Open source software encourages learning, both in the computer technology niches and in general. It will be interesting to watch how this movement changes the use of technology the world over.

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