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The role of communication in modern business.
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The infrastructure of large scale enterprise network must be able to achieve multiple company goals while provisioning for security, reliability, flexibility and scalability. The ability to expand as well as adapt is key to the success of the company. Communication is one of these major company goals. To achieve this, most of today's companies use a program developed by Microsoft known as Exchange Server. There are a variety of versions of this software available today, the most recent being Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. The combination of the various Microsoft software programs today has allowed for large and small corporations...
Uptime is crucial and downtime can cost millions of dollars. Microsoft Exchange Server is dependent upon its viability and must be built with multitudes of redundancies to ensure this dependence is beneficial. Something of this scope must be planned, re-planned, organized and executed with near perfection in order to serve its function. The key facets of Exchange Server mentioned above must be inspected, met and surpassed on a daily basis. In today's context, the true potential of a business can be measured by the functionality of its network and it's utilization of the technology it has available to it.
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