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Virtual Reality
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Virtual Reality is considered one of the most exciting technologies today, constantly evolving and improving. According to Eric Drexler, a world known pioneer in this field, VR is "A combination of computer and interface devices goggles, gloves, etc. that present a user with the illusion of being in a three dimensional world of computer generated objects." The term ^virtual reality,^ is not finite in its meaning, but generally includes desktop VR, immersion VR, where the goggles and gloves are used, and projection VR. The virtual reality technology is not yet perfect and still too expensive for the common man....
in contemporary life, as television has been for decades. We will be presented with a new way to escape from reality, which seems to be ten times as powerful as previous developments. We will open doors to fascinating mazes, that some of us may never come out of. Worlds that we don^t even want to come out of because it appears better than the chaos we daily are surrounded with, the real world. It might even be another addiction. Or as Jerry Garcia put it ^they made LSD illegal. I wonder what they^re going to do with this stuff.

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