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Computer-based Equipment
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Computer-based equipment is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives, and so is our dependence on safe and disturbance-free electronics and telecommunications. Modern electronic appliances and certain kinds of electric lighting may accidentally impair the quality due to harmonic distortion. This in turn may lead to all electronic equipment being disturbed, or even disabled. More and more of the electric equipment used in the home or at the office is internally DC-powered. For connection of such equipment to the mains, rectifiers are needed. In principle, the electric equipment may be directly DC-powered, without any modifications. This is true of...
and safety systems.

Future powering systems in buildings could very well be the traditional AC powering system for general consumption purposes like heating and housekeeping needs, in combination with a separate and partly redundant DC powering system for communications, security and safety needs. The DC powering system can and should be provided with reserve power from batteries or other reserve power sources for backup availability.

With a new structure of powering systems in proprietary networks and the introduction of DC powering, a new and much better power quality may be achieved for specific and vital applications.

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