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Technology and Impacts on Human Health
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Research efforts have been focused on the impacts of new technology on human health. One of the leading new factors is the technology of cell phones, which is predicted to have more than 1.3 billion worldwide users by the 2005. Cell phones have been of the fastest growing industries. Today most people have portable phones in their home, and/or cell phones. Theses devices are connecting people in convenient ways as their cost declines with the expand use. Heath effects from phones and other communication devices is quickly becoming the focus of a great deal of research. It has been known...
Two of these experts reported to The Express newspaper that companies tried to influence the results of the research. In quote "Motorola has been manipulative of the results that we and others have reported to them."

Some manufactures target children and teens, while experts point out the fact of kids are more sensitive to microwaves than adults. Cell phone radiation is absorbed 3 times more in young people then adults. The radiation penetrates more deeply into the skulls of kids. It is also so known that radiation limits are exceeded by several brands reported by ABC news show 20/20.

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