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The state of Georgia has a total area of 152,750 sq km 58,977 sq mi, including 2618 sq km 1011 sq mi of inland water and 122 sq km 47 sq mi of coastal waters over which the state has jurisdiction. The state is the 24th largest in the country and has the largest land area of any state east of the Mississippi River. Georgia has a top range north to south of 515 km 320 mi and east to west of 441 km 274 mi. The mean elevation is about 180 m about 600 ft. Georgia occupies parts of...
ratify the Constitution, Jan. 2, 1788The population of Georgia 1994 was 7,055,336 It ranks 11. The net change from 1990-94 was 8.9%. The population density was 116.6 per sq m Georgia has and area of 58,876 sq mi 152,489 sq km. Georgia has a population of 1990 6,478,216, an 18.6% increase over 1980 pop. The capitol is Atlanta. It became a state onJan. 2, 1788 fourth of original 13 states to ratify the Constitution. It"s highest point was Brasstown Bald, 4,784 ft 1,459 m Its lowest point is, sea level. Its nicknames is the Empire State of the South.
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