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Internal Structure of the Earth
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What is the evidence for our knowledge of the internal structure of the Earth? As we enter the twenty first century we are beginning to learn more and more about the composition of the Earth. Early predictions have thrown up some rather strange and peculiar thoughts as to what is making up our Earth, but now days scientists can be confident that the Earth is made up of what they think. As from experiments and other sources of information a picture to what is really down there is becoming much clearer. So how do these scientists know that the...
enough current to produce the earth"s magnetic field. The liquid iron is thought be stirred in a motion by heat from the core. This action is thought to produce an electric current and therefore the magnetic field. This is another explanation as to the outer core been liquid, because if it wasn"t then where would the magnetic field come from. As permanent magnetism cannot be kept with temperatures exceeding 500?é?óXC, however the outer core may well produce electric currents because of the free movement. The inner core would not be able to do this, as it is a solid.
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