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The Roswell Incident
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The people of the world have always had a mysterious belief that Earth wasn"t the only planet in the universe that supported life. This belief dates back to ancient times when heavenly and demonic stories were told of gods who strode across the skies on their golden chariots. Tales as far fetched as Zeus who threw lightening bolts from his fingertips to stories as credible as the American Indian"s Cachinas, who supposedly taught them to farm and saved them from numerous disasters. The Egyptians, who built their mammoth pyramids with only the use of man power, used hieroglyphics. These same...
cameraman. There are many disputed questions that scientists want to ask him about the films. Questions that will probably never be answered unless he steps forward. Obviously something had to have happened at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, but the truth might never come out. So until it does, people can share their thoughts and stories, whether fact or fiction, and enjoy the memories of the most celebrated and best documented UFO event of all time. They can keep their wild ideas that somewhere in an alternate universe, Marvin and Mindy Martian are sitting down watching over us earthlings.
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