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For over 20 years, Florida was my home and the ocean was a major part of my life. I lived both on the East and West coasts of Florida, and over the years I grew to appreciate the dynamic environment of the ocean. I knew both the calm waters and flat sandy beaches of the West coast, and the active waves and rolling dunes of the East coast. As a child, I enjoyed fishing, surfing, boating, playing sports on the sand, and just relaxing with friends and family. I loved then, and still...
Finally, by walking, people can slow down the pace of their lives. Perhaps this is one of the greatest benefits of walking more. Life at the beginning of the new millennium is stressful--people are competing with each other for better jobs, countries and companies are competing with each other for business. Many people start to forget about the importance of slowing down in their lives, of simply enjoying the moment. People need to contemplate life more. Walking is a perfect opportunity to slow down, think about life, and simply enjoy the big, beautiful world that we live in.  

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