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Foundation of Ancient Rome
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How can historians make use of the stories that the Romans told about their founders and foundations? Abstract. There are two distinct stories regarding the foundation of ancient Rome, with claims to two founders. The story of Romulus and Remus describes the literal foundation of the city where as the Aeneid addresses the origins in the foundations of the Roman people being descended from Aeneas. In regards to their use to historians, though there is debate as to the legitimacy of historical facts, looking beyond the actual story and noting the difference between...
founded it and why, and one of who they are as a people, what defines them as people, and how they came to be superior of others through being descendants of kings and gods. Historians are able to make use of these stories, not from their story content, but the need or reason for that content. Stories are a reflection of society, what was written in order to please or influence it, as they cannot not be considered primary evidence, historians can view it as a secondary source, a product of its writer and the society which it is in.

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