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Mao Zedong
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Mao Zedong is one of the most controversial leaders of the twentieth century. He has been known both as a savior and a tyrant to the Chinese people. From his tactical success of the Long March to his embarrassing failure of the Great Leap Forward, Mao has greatly influenced the result of what China is today. Most of Mao"s major successes have been in the CCP"s rise to power, while Mao"s failures have come at a time when the CCP was in power. Mao Zedong was born on December 26, 1893 is Shaoshan village in Hunan. He experienced a middle...
not be forgotten easily. By changing the thoughts of the Chinese people from very reserved and old fashioned, to a new age of thinking. Mao was famous for making pamphlets of red that contained quotations and publicity for himself and his party. These publications compete with the New Testament in circulation. Being in power for such a long period of time, and uniting China to make it stronger was a great accomplishment. Although some of his ideas did not work, he was a great leader and was able to control China absolutely until he was no longer in power.
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