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Alexander the Great
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"It is a lovely thing to live with great courage and die leaving an everlasting fame." Alexander The Great Long before the birth of Christ, the land directly above what we know as Greece today, was called Macedonia. Macedonia still exists, but it is now Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and modern Greece. Macedonia was considered to be part of ancient Greece, but the people of these two countries couldn"t be more different. No people in history ever gave so much to the human race as the ancient Greeks. They produced architectural monuments, four of the greatest dramatic actors who ever lived, one...
returned to Greece. He died in Persia of fever, similar in symptoms to Malaria. After he died, Alexander was buried in Alexandia.

Roxana, Alexander"s first wife and mother to his first born son, had the second wife and her child murdered, hoping to secure Alexander"s throne. Roxana and her child were murdered as well, and Alexander"s kingdom went to one of Alexander"s generals, rather than an heir.

Alexander The Great lived a life, which in human terms has never been matched. His contributions to history, despite his faults, will never dim. The stories of his exploits will live forever.

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