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Greek Legacies
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Greek Legacies The term legacy is depicted as "something that is handed down or remains from previous generation or time." Dictionary The Greeks formed a new group of thoughts, which lead to the birth of democracy. Greek scientists such as Euclid, Pythagoras, and Archimedes made new discoveries that changed the course of mathematics. Architecture led to new possibilities. Using the definition of the term legacy, we find that ancient Greece had many legacies to offer such as: government structures, science and technology and architecture. Classical Greece had a lot of legacies to offer, one major legacy being government structures and...
a better way to honor the gods by making these beautiful large structures such as the Parthenon which houses the goddess Athenia.

In conclusion Ancient Greece had many legacies to offer including government structures, science and technology and Architecture. All which left their mark in their time and in ours. The legacies impacted the classical Greek period and improved it, it gave use a basis for improving and it gave the Greeks a sense of continuity because they are remembered as being very creative in architecture, in developing the sciences and mathematics and in changing the political structures forever.

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