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Hitler"s Victory at the 1936 Summer Olympics
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Adolf Hitler, the leader of Greater Germany, August 1, 1936, opened the 1936 World 11th Summer Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. Adolf Hitler was a perfect host; he welcomed the world's athletes to the Berlin Olympic Stadium, which was designed to seat an audience of 110,000. During the 1936 Summer Olympic Games, Hitler applauded both German and American athletes, as well as winning athletes from all other nations. Even though a perfect host at the 1936 Summer Olympics, Adolf Hitler was still the leader of Greater Germany. Yes, one could be a great host, and still support the home team,...
team's final first place status during the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Karl Hein demonstrated an even greater achievement; he rose through his own efforts from a humble working class background, to a level of international world recognition.

Efforts should be made to further the honor of Karl Hein, by replacing the name of Jesse Owens on the Berlin street to that of the name of Karl Hein. Karl Hein Strasse sounds better than Jesse Owens Strasse. Karl Hein was a greater athlete than Jesse Owens.

Karl Hein was a true hero of the 1936 Summer Olympics held in Berlin, Germany.

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