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How Did Hitler Come to Power in 1933?
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Adolf Hitler was a very lucky man throughout his life?âÔÇ? It was November 1918 and Germany signed the armistice ending the First World War. Private 1st Class A. Hitler was in an army hospital being treated for a shrapnel wound to the head when he heard the news. Like many other Germans, he was shocked and angry about the surrender as the fighting never reached Germany. Soon after the Treaty of Versailles was signed which detailed the handover of German land and colonies and the reduction of armed forces. The majority of Germans felt, Hitler included, that this was highly...
dismiss Hitler as Hitler could have ?âÔÇØremoved?âÔÇó von Papen in many different ways. This came as a shock to von Papen as he said previously that, ?âÔÇÖSoon Hitler will be squeezed into a corner so tightly, he will be squeaking?âÔÇ£.

Adolf Hitler was in the right place at the right time to formulate his ideas and to be elevated into power. He would not have become a Nazi if he were not sent on a mission to infiltrate extremist groups such as the NSDAP, the party that he joined and later became leader. The rest they say is history.

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